09 - 11 FEBRUARY 2024

ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Middle East Film & Comic Con

Cine Club


To all our film aficionados and future Steven Spielberg’s, this is your chance to enter a world of pure art and vision through the experiences of our visiting talent, exclusive screenings, fireside chats, and meet-ups with various community members. 

The Cine Club is the gathering place for those who appreciate the art that is cinema, where you can learn and engage through various panel discussions, attend exclusive screenings of the biggest universes or indie jewels, connect with fellow geeks, filmmakers, aspiring actors, and animators, and many more.

Exclusive Screenings

From the biggest screens, comes a variety of exclusive feature films, trailers, featurettes and shout out from your favorite stars and franchises right at your door.

Q&A Panels

Our guest stars share with you their experiences in the world of film, voice acting, cosplay, anime and various industries that have built pop culture at large

Community Meetups

Get to meet fans with similar interests and fandoms and join the biggest community gatherings to celebrate your passions together.

Full Celebrity Panel

Our full celebrity line-up go head to head with their stories, expertise, quirks and overall fun infront of a full audience of superfans and enthusiasts.