Something for Everyone at MEFCC 2014!

Potentially the one thing that everyone comes back with after visiting MEFCC is that there is so much going on – even if you spend the entire weekend with us, you will probably miss something – there really is that much going on – this year was no exception.

From the amazing exhibitors and artists across the show floor including Hollywood Collectibles Iron Man 3 lifesize Hall of Armour, Marvel’s augmented reality set up that put you in the Iron Man armour, some of the mast amazing vintage comics with Metropolis Collectibles to the individual artists from the region and around the world and the PLG gaming arena, there was enough on the main floor alone to keep you busy for hours.

The ICFlix Meet the Stars area was jam packed with fans lining up to get autographs and photographs with their favourite stars. The TwoFour54 Creative Campus workshops offered some of the most interesting and informative classes teaching attendees everything from sculpting from Aardman to how to draw Manga by Long Vo and Yishan Li and so much more. The VOX Movie Club hosted panel discussions with the celebrities, industry discussions and the now legendary video conference with Stan ‘The Man’ Lee. The Shop and Ship Comics Village and Nissan Manga Town hosted some of the best talent and exhibitors from around the world. Then you have the Main Stage which featured a host of regional and international talent including the Boxtones, Nokotin and Miou Fujinaga, games and activities with the celebrities and the biggest cosplay competition in the Middle East.

And that’s not even scratched the surface of all the amazing activities that went on during the MEFCC 2014 weekend – if you missed it, you cannot afford to miss out on MEFCC 2015 which promises to have even crazier and amazing content than ever before!