18 - 20 April 2025

ADNEC Centre Abu Dhabi

Middle East Film & Comic Con


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Main Stage


The Main Stage is the ultimate hub for pop culture enthusiasts, bringing together fans who share a common passion for comics, movies, TV shows, anime, gaming, and pop culture. Here, you can experience celebrity panels, interviews, attend engaging community sessions, enjoy exclusive fan screenings and connect with fellow geeks, filmmakers, aspiring actors, and animators, and many more. 

Full Celeb Panel

Witness an ensemble of all our leading celebrities go head-to-head in an electrifying panel discussion where they share their untold stories, the process that brought their iconic characters to life and their journey to stardom in front of a house full of superfans and enthusiasts. The MEFCC Full Celebrity Panel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that promises to leave you inspired and entertained. 

Celebrity Interviews

Interviews with our celebrity guest stars where they share behind-the-scenes stories, anecdotes, and experiences from the world of film, TV, voice acting, cosplay, anime and various industries that have built pop culture at large.  

Fan Interactions

Ever wanted to ask your favorite celebrity a burning question? This is your chance to get up close and personal with them by participating in our interactive celebrity Q&A sessions, where you can get insights, advice, and even exclusive sneak peeks into upcoming projects straight from the stars themselves. 

Industry Panel Sessions

Delve into the minds of industry pioneers, creators, and visionaries who are shaping the pop culture industry in the region. These panels will feature renowned publishers, creators, and other industry experts who will share unique insights into the creative processes, challenges, and triumphs that have propelled their careers. This is your opportunity to gain insider knowledge, learn about industry trends, and leave with a wealth of information that can help you navigate your own creative journey. 

Community Meetups

Get to meet fans with similar interests and fandoms and join the biggest community gatherings to celebrate your passions together.