18 - 20 April 2025

ADNEC Centre Abu Dhabi

Middle East Film & Comic Con


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Code of Conduct

We want everyone who comes to our events to have a great experience. Whether you are attending, speaking, exhibiting, sponsoring or working with or for us, our focus is on creating an environment and experience that everyone can participate in and benefit from. 

Safety, respect and consideration are integral to this. While issues are rare, we want to be clear about the standards and expectations in place at our events, wherever they are held, because actions can impact others and everyone has a role to play in getting it right. 

This code explains our expectations and rules, which includes general good practice behaviour, and how to report anything witnessed or experienced that goes against them. Anyone not following these rules or behaving in an unacceptable way will be asked – and expected – to stop doing so immediately and may be removed from the event.

Comfort & Safety at Live Events

Never act in a way that puts your own or other participants’ health, safety or security at risk

Follow all health, safety and security processes including emergency procedures and access protocols such as any age limits

Help us by reporting any unsafe behaviour, security risks or hazards immediately

A Respectful Environment

We have ZERO TOLERANCE towards any verbal or physical threats, violence, abuse or harassment at any live, on-demand or official auxiliary events or on our digital platforms and community sites. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes:

Any inappropriate or offensive materials, and any content that is intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning

Physical harassment, threats and acts of violence, including pushing, shoving and the use of any physical force

Threats, intimidating and threatening behaviour, whether verbal, physical or written, including menacing gestures

Participation & Engagement

We want everyone to be able to participate and fully engage in our events in comfort. Disrupting all or part of any live or on-demand event, whether physically or verbally, in a sustained or deliberate way, goes against this. 

Do not deliberately prevent others from attending or participating in any portion of the event

Do not heckle or catcall, or interrupt others in a sustained or disruptive way, whether verbally, with music or other noise or behaviour

Never act in a way that endangers others or prevent them from acting safely