09 - 11 FEBRUARY 2024

ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Middle East Film & Comic Con


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Cosplay Judges

Cosplay Judges

Meet the Cosplay Judges of 2023! 


Social media star and content creator who is best known for his har_fie TikTok account where he posts anime cosplay videos. He often cosplays characters from My Hero Academia, and has gained over 1.4 million followers on the video platform. He is also an actor and an eSports player. 


Reika is a skilled cosplayer who started making felt badges in elementary school. She enjoys creating her own patterns and has taken prop-making classes. She prioritizes the most challenging costume elements and recommends visiting museums to learn about traditional outfits. Her favorite cosplay is Origami Cyclone from Tiger & Bunny, and she believes cosplay is about embodying beloved characters.

Sakura Florr

Saku, better known as the global cosplay sensation Sakuraflor. Originally from Spain, has an unique global brand and is loved by the global market with her genuine and upbeat personality. Her creative intuition is impeccable and has won her over 20 awards for Cosplay/Production and represented most of the big fish in the gaming industry. She has released a broad variety of successful media campaigns, web series and even acted in both film & commercials.

Sakuraflor is extremely excited to be coming back and be reunited with MEFCC’s amazing community!

Tobi Cosplayer

Tobi started cosplaying since 2009 and it's been more than a decade since he has been present in the field of cosplay and prop making. In this duration, he has met people that became friends and has witnessed the community grow from 10 people in an event to the crazy number of people that cosplay.

He was the First Emirati representative at WCS in summer of 2019 in Japan. He loves the process of making cosplay and he also makes 90% of them on hi own. He cherishes the moment when people recognize his cosplay.

He has been invited as a judge in previous events such as:

- Middle East games con 2019

- Middle East film and comic con 2020