📽️ Arab Film Studio 🎞️

Arab Film Studio is home to our region’s aspiring filmmakers, giving them the guidance, skills and support to bring their dreams to the big screen.

Experience a unique and personalised movie concept in this 2-4-seater cinema, with movies playing from the Arab Film Studio projects, in association with Image Nation.


  • Arab Film Studio Films have screened over 300 times at international film festivals around the world
  • Films have been judged by a mix of industry professionals over the years, including Ali Mostafa, Mohamed Saeed Harib and Hollywood Celebrities Jude Law and David Hasselhoff.
  • The program is run by BAFTA and Academy Award winning film & TV studio Image Nation Abu Dhabi
  • Our booth will be a mini-workshop based on our incredible Arab Film Studio which has been running for 7 years
  • We have 6 different programs for scriptwriters, documentary filmmakers, narrative filmmakers, high school students, storytellers and corporate communications.
  • You should visit our stand at MEFCC because it could inspire your next idea and set you on the path to be the first UAE Academy Award winning filmmaker!


Narrative - 10 mins

  • Mr Ideas
  • In her eyes
  • Shadow
  • Five
  • The last interview
  • Among others
  • Astray
  • Black and white
  • Mayhooda
  • The choice
  • Face the music
  • Rattled
  • I see a woman
  • 1-0
  • Backstage
  • The replacement
  • Back talk
  • Push
  • Whip round

Documentaries – 10 mins

  • Omnia
  • Made of clay
  • Skin
  • The sheikh of Mussafah
  • Cross the lines
  • The absentees
  • Hartoom
  • Osha’s gift
  • Jumaa and hakim
  • Off the grid
  • M1 – K0
  • Unspoken

Young Filmmaker - 1 min films

  • Malfunction
  • Kandora
  • Finding comfort elsewhere
  • No hope
  • Special condition
  • Photography
  • Race is everything
  • How a bully is made
  • Give me a chance
  • Sara
  • Dogcalling
  • Freedom of choice
  • First world problems
  • Wasta
  • Priorities
  • Special Condition
  • The Responsibility
  • Two seconds
  • Buy foreign
  • Child abuse
  • Food to die for
  • Honest thoughts
  • Inner voice
  • Money can’t buy love
  • Special Mania
  • Standards of beauty
  • The addiction of the century
  • The blindness of mentality
  • Yes or no.. or..


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