09 - 11 FEBRUARY 2024

ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Middle East Film & Comic Con

Anthony Daniels Appearance Dates & Vouchers

Please use the schedule button in order to find out when exactly Anthony Daniels will be doing his Autograph, Photographs & Sessions 

Appearance Dates

3rd March - Friday 

4th March - Saturday 

5th March - Sunday 

Anthony Daniels will be at MEFCC across three days, please check the schedule before your visit to plan ahead 

Voucher Pricing

Autographs: AED 270

Photographs: AED 290

If you haven't purchased a VIP ticket to MEFCC, you will need to purchase an Autograph and/or Photograph Voucher at the Meet the Stars zone which is located inside MEFCC. This is in addition to your standard ticket and is only available for sale at the venue on the day of the event before an Autograph or Photograph session begins.  

Anthony Daniels

Find out everything you need to know about Anthony! 


Known For: STAR WARS 

Appearing: 3rd Fri, 4th Sat & 5th Sun  

Autograph: TBA

Photograph: TBA


1. Anthony had initially rejected his role and turned down a meeting with George Lucas before reconsidering.

2. His favourite part of portraying C3PO was in the voice acting and In Concert roles.

3. The C3PO suit he wore in The Rise of The Skywalker was 3D Printed for comfort.

4. He's the only actor to be involved in all 9 movies in the Skywalker Saga. 


Anthony has the curious distinction of being the only actor to perform in all eleven Star Wars movies, including Rogue One and his seminal performance as Tak in Solo. He has written about his exploits, after reluctantly meeting George Lucas forty-eight years ago, in his first book, I Am C- 3PO – The inside story, currently translated from the original English into Spanish, French, Japanese and Korean, leaving just under 5,995 languages to go. You’ve read the book, now meet the author - the man inside the golden droid, C-3PO. (If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to read his book, don’t tell Anthony, just smile.)