09 - 11 FEBRUARY 2024

ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Middle East Film & Comic Con


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Creative Academy


Prepare your pens, sharpies, tablets, and creative minds, for the masters of comic books, anime, cosplay, film and voice acting are ready to give you masterclasses and deep dives into the passions that have shaped their careers, with introductory and advanced classes from various forms of art all being offered. The MEFCC Workshop (Creative Academy) is an all-time favorite for aspiring artists, cosplayers and animators, where you can learn from our visiting International Artists, Professional Cosplayers, AAA production houses and studios, on how to kickstart or take your career to the next level in the pop culture world.

Comics Workshops

Learn to draw Batman, Spider-Man, the Ninja Turtles or any comic book character that crosses your mind from our lineup of International Artists.

Short Film Workshops

Bring the aspiring James Cameron out of you and learn the ways of getting into the Film industry with various directors, producers and actors.

Anime/Manga Workshops

The colorful worlds of Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Demon Slayer and many more will splash into your drawings with many anime and manga artists.

Social Media/Content Creation Workshops

Get the creator/influencer out with these crash courses on how to optimize your art, videos and music onto all social media.

Cosplay Crafting/Performance Worshops

Sew your own costume, build your own props, and practice your own stunts and dances in a variety of classes that will make you the ultimate cosplayer