09 - 11 FEBRUARY 2024

ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Find out everything you need to know about Quiccs! 

Appearance Information


Appearing: Friday, 3rd March, Saturday, 4th March & Sunday, 5th March  


Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, “Quiccs” is a talent who because of his burning passion, evolved and introduced an unique designer platform to showcase himself.

During his early years, Quiccs started with oil painting. Because of the changing times as he grew up, he shifted to digital art, in which he found his professional career as a graphic artist for a design firm which he now co-owns. Eventually, Quiccs introduced himself to the art industry particularly as he immersed himself in the urban art scene. With the influences and culture he was accustomed to, Quiccs deemed himself fit to contribute to this community through graffiti art. Quiccs remains true to his core values, his beliefs as an artist and the passions he grew up with. And while adhering to all these, Quiccs proudly boasts of his Filipino pride as an artist and takes it with him wherever he goes around the world, spreading his unique and loved art.

Quiccs’ foremost creation in the Designer Toy category is the infamous TEQ63 among a line collectibles merged with various talent and brand collaborations which includes Adidas, Mighty Jaxx, Anatoys, Rlux Customs and ChkDsk . Most of his art involves this character which is considered as him in art toy form. To date, more than 40 TEQ63 colorways has been and still counting.