18 - 20 April 2025

ADNEC Centre Abu Dhabi

Middle East Film & Comic Con


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Appearance Dates & Vouchers

Please use the schedule button in order to find out when exactly Yoichi Takahashi will be doing his Autograph, Photographs & Sessions 

Appearance Dates

11th February - Sunday 

Yoichi Takahashi will be at MEFCC for one day, please check the schedule before your visit to plan ahead. 

Voucher Pricing & Terms and Conditions

Voucher Pricing

Autographs: AED 450

Photographs: AED 470

You will need to purchase an Autograph and/or Photograph Voucher at the Meet the Stars zone which is located inside MEFCC. This is in addition to your standard ticket and is only available for sale at the venue on the day of the event before an Autograph or Photograph session begins.  

Terms & Conditions

  • You will need to purchase an Autograph or Photograph voucher from the Meet The Stars Counters at MEFCC.
  • Vouchers are only available for sale on the day that the session is taking place, and sales will start 60 minutes before the scheduled session, so please review the schedule and plan accordingly.
  • Standard Ticket holders will have to purchase vouchers to meet Yoichi Takahashi.
  • All VIP Ticket holders (VIP, Super VIP & Ultimate VIP) will need to redeem x1 voucher to meet Yoichi Takahashi.
  • Ticket holders can purchase or redeem only a maximum of x3 Autograph vouchers each time they queue.
  • Yoichi Takahashi reserves the right to decline to sign on items he does not wish to sign.

Yoichi Takahashi

Find out everything you need to know about Yoichi! 

Appearance Information

FRANCHISES: Captain Tsubasa


1. The Captain Tsubasa Manga has over 90 million copies printed and has been translated in over 20 languages.

2. The Manga has inspired so many football players, including legends such as Zidane, Messi, Iniesta, Mbappe and many more.

3. Even after the end of its serialization, Captain Tsubasa continued to evolve, with the current run, "Rising Sun", appearing in the Captain Tsubasa Magazine.

4. Like his creator, Yoichi Takahashi, Tsubasa's birthday is on July 28th. 


Created by Yoichi Takahashi, Captain Tsubasa is a Japanese manga that centers on the sport of football. Since premiering in Shueisha’s landmark manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump in 1981, the series has grown into a legend that has inspired and delighted countless football fans around the world for decades.

Even after the end of the initial serialization, the story has continued to evolve with new works highlighting the growth and development of main character Tsubasa Ozora. The series’ popularity continues to thrive, with Captain Tsubasa 「Rising Sun」 currently appearing in Shueisha’s manga anthology, Captain Tsubasa Magazine.